Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balms Review ♡

I was never really a fan of lip balms before. No, actually, I was never really a fan of anything "kikay." In fact, even during my first year of college, I'd go out with nothing on my face. No powder, no lip balms, no makeup at all.
When my first year almost ended, I became friends with this girl who was very "kikay" and because of her, I started using powder and lip balms.
At first, I used a lip balm from a commercial brand. Since I was new to the whole thing, I didn't really use it often so I wasn't able to use up the whole tube and it just expired. Yeah, I suck at being a girl.
Anywaaaaay, I also stopped using the balm from a commercial brand when I read about lips getting darker because of some chemicals present in cosmetic products. I decided to look for cheaper and healthier(? lol) alternatives for a lip balm so I switched to all natural products! :3
My Mom has been a dealer of Human Heart Nature since I was in highschool and she made me try a lip balm from them. I think it was chocolate flavored or something but I do remember not liking it. It was too sticky and I just felt like I was putting glue on my lips.
Last year, when my Mom and I went to a Human Heart Nature branch in Naga, I saw their tinted lip balms displayed at a corner and my Mom decided to get all three so we could try them out.

Here are the shades:

T-B: Flame Tree, Island Kiss, Pink Orchid

Just so you can see what they look like on my lips, here's a picture of my bare lips (again):

1. Pink Orchid 

Pink Orchid on my lips:

Pink Orchid Selfie!

I am not a fan of pink when it comes to lipstick or lip balms, but here you go! Pink Orchid is just like a plain lip balm. It gives your lips a little bit of shine and if you look close enough, you'll see hints of pink on your lips. In the picture, it looks like the same color of my lips but it actually looks slightly more pinkish in person. This shade is perfect for anyone who likes their tinted lip balms close to their natural lip color since it looks really natural and neutral.

2. Island Kiss

Island Kiss on my lips:
 Island Kiss Selfie!

Island Kiss is a bit orange-y, I think? This shade is a bit more noticeable than Pink Orchid. It gives off a nice orange-y brown color to your lips which is awesome if you don't like your lips plain and simple.

3. Flame Tree

Flame Tree on my lips:

 Flame Tree selfie!

THIS. IS. MY. FAVORITE. SHADE. EVER. Haha! Flame Tree is their best seller from their tinted lip balms collection. The first time I tried it, I immediately saw and felt WHY it was their bestseller! The color is almost ALMOST red. It's the darkest shade among the three and I really like its consistency. It goes on smoothly on my lips and I'm more comfortable when I wear this shade compared to the other two. I like how this color makes my face look more alive. Lol. It's like wearing lipstick but it's a lip balm (*GASP!* What sorcery is this?!).

All in all, I think they're all very good lip balms.

  1.  They don't contain harmful chemicals (or any other chemicals) which may affect your skin since it's an all natural product. 
  2.  I think all of their shades, or rather, all of their lip balms (tinted or not) has this peppermint flavor so when you put them on your lips, there's this cooling sensation which I really like. It's very mapresko
  3.  They are very affordable for an all-natural product. You can get them from Human Heart Nature stores for 89.75.
  4.  They're from Human Nature! And Human Nature is a great company. I mean, they're Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment! 
So, if ever you run out of your favorite lip balms, I suggest you give Human Heart Nature's lip balms a try. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it. ;)
He-he. :D

Have you tried HHN's lip balms or any other products from HHN already? How was your experience with it? Let me know!


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  1. I like the last shade too!! I want one!!

  2. Pag bumalik kami Naga, bilhan kita. Haha! :)

  3. The shades suits you. This is a nice handy girl make up that is on the go. I am not a fan of lip balms as well because it makes me feel oily on my lips but since I have dry lips this is a nice moisturizer. ♥
    Spices & Eerything Nice

    1. Thank you for dropping by! :D Yes, it does feel oily sometimes but it's great for your lips if you want to avoid dry, chappy lips. :) It's also an all-natural product which is a big plus for me. ♥

  4. If simple is your thing then these tinted lip balms are just for you. These balms are 100% organic and long lasting. Try it now and get that natural look with just powder and these tinted balms.