Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick Review

Last November, I bought 10 Wet N Wild Lippies from an online shop. Since it was pre-ordered, I received them after a month. It was actually worth the wait since these lippies are awesome and I got them at a cheaper price! :D
These lipsticks are available in almost every mall but are priced at 299 pesos. If you are a sucker for anything cheaper and are willing to wait, I suggest you order online. I got mine for almost 140 pesos each at an Instagram online shop :)
Before I go on, I should say that I don't really know much when it comes to make up (#MakeUpNoob) so I just use whatever I have and whatever looks good when I do wear it (my mom helps me too). 
I didn't really put anything on my face here aside from the lipstick.
I swatched it directly on my lips because I didn't see the need to swatch it on my hands. Lol.
Photos taken with iPhone 5's front camera (Just so you'd see what it looks like when you take a selfie?) Haha!
On to the lip swatches!!

Here's a selfie of me and my bare lips:

1. Bare It All

 This nude shade had really good reviews when I looked it up, but I'm not really comfortable with it. I feel like it just makes me look pale and sick. Lol. I used this at a play wherein I had to act as a boy. Haha!

2. In The Flesh

I like this shade. I was surprised when I first tried it on. It's like the same color as my lipsonly better! It looks very nice and natural. This is one of the shades that I usually wear to school without getting unwanted attention. Haha! It's perfect for everyday use (if you're the type of person who wears lipstick everyday).

3. Rose Bud

 Rose Bud is almost just like In The Flesh but slightly pink-er. It's a nice shade of pink. I think this would be a good MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade for some fair-skinned ladies I know. Haha! This shade makes my lips look a bit more pink and bright.

4. Mauve Outta Here


 I find it hard to pull of this shade. I feel like it has this Nicki Minaj vibe to it. Hahaha! Plus, if you have yellowish teeth, this shade will make it appear even more yellow. Ugh. I think this is actually a really pretty color, but it's not for me. It's just too bright and neon-y.

5. Smokin' Hot Pink

 I haven't really used this much. It makes me think of a hot pink crayon whenever I put it on my lips. It reminds me of a color that Barbie would wear. Not my favorite color in the bunch, but I still think it's a pretty color that would look nice on both fair skinned and morena women.

6. Coraline

 Coraline is a nice red lipstick with a hint of orange in it. I don't usually wear this since I'm not really a fan of orange lipstick. For all you orange fans, try this one. Haha! :P

7. Stoplight Red

 THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR FROM THE WHOLE COLLECTION. Ever. I love how red it is and how it makes my face look instantly brighter. It also makes my teeth look whiter. Lol. I love using this whenever I attend formal events or parties. Oh, and sometimes whenever my friends and I perform an intermission number or something. Haha! Not something I would wear everyday but I really really love it! In fact, I'll throw in another selfie just to show you how happy I am with this color.


8. Sugar Plum Fairy

 This is also one of my favorite colors in the bunch. I just feel like the darker colors look better on me. I don't know about the rules of makeup or whatever, but that's just my opinion. Sugar Plum Fairy is like a mix of red, pink, and purple (plum). It's perfect for anyone who loves bold lip colors.

9. Cherry Bomb

 Another bold lip color! I'm not good with colors but I think this is a kind of burgundy? I don't know, it's like a red with a bit of brown that I think would look good on anyone. ;) I don't wear this a lot since I feel like it leans a bit towards the "Hey, I'm a badass bitch" look. And I am no badass bitch, I tell you.

10. Vamp It Up

 The last lipstick in my collection! Okay, this is the color that I think is the hardest one to pull off. Also, I think one has to have the balls (or whatever is the equivalent of balls for women) to wear this. This will definitely catch a lot of attention if ever you wear it out in the day (or even at night because who the hell wears almost black lipstick out of the runway?). It looks black in photos sometimes but it's actually more like a very very dark/blackened purple. Perfect for all you emo and/or goth kids out there!

That ends the swatches! :)
Overall, I think that they're really good lipsticks.

  • pack in a lot of color
  • stay on your lips for quite some time even if you drink or eat
  • leave a pretty nice stain even if you take them off
  • are pretty good for their price 

The only thing I don't like about them is the packaging. Sometimes, part of the lipstick would get on the cap, making the whole thing messy. You have to be careful in opening and closing these babies.

Final thoughts:

I would definitely buy them again in the future and would love to try the other colors from their collection.
One thing's for sure. Stoplight Red will forever be in my makeup bag (if ever I decide to actually purchase one) ♥

It was so hard to swatch all of these in just one day. I felt like my lips were burning when I finished. Haha! Here's a picture of my lips after all has been swatched:

ouch ~
They are a bit drying so be sure to prep your lips with a lip balm! :3
'til then!


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  1. Super love 9 and 10!! I have a lippie of almost the same shade ☺️