Top 5 Pet Peeves

You know those things or habits that you find particularly annoying? Those, my friend, are called pet peeves.
I am a person who gets easily annoyed by a lot of things, so coming up with my Top 5 Pet Peeves was pretty hard. I had to cross off a few things and rank those that remained.
Anyway, here they are:

5. Spoilers

Who likes spoilers?! I don't. Whenever I come across a spoiler on my news feed or timeline, I have this urge to grab whoever posted it by the hair and push him/her off a cliff. Hey, you may have watched the show ahead of me, but that doesn't mean you have the right to tell the whole world what happened to everyone's favorite (or least favorite) character.

4. tYp!ng Lyk tH!s

Other variations include:
xn k n? d2 k b mqllnch?
e0w pF0eSzzz,,,...;'

I understand and I am aware that in texting, people tend to shorten words by omitting a few letters, but why bother doing so when you can just type the whole thing? Typing your words completely will not only lessen misunderstandings, it can make you appear educated as well.

3. Putting on makeup in public

WHY?! It pains me so much whenever I see people put on makeup in public. I've encountered girls who would put on lipstick in jeepneys or put on loose powder inside the classroom, but retouching inside a jeepney? It's such an eyesore, seriously. I almost lost my mind when I was riding a jeepney and this girl in front of me literally just put out her makeup bag and proceeded to apply bb cream all over her face. I don't know where people get the idea that doing these things in public is okay, but I hope one day they realize that it is not at all pleasing to the eyes of others.

2. Chewing loudly and/or chewing with mouth open

Where do people even get this habit from? It's one of the most annoying things ever, that I just can't stop staring at people who chew with their mouth open. Even if I'm far away from them, I swear I can hear the noise that they make when they chew. Guys, you are humans! Not cows, goats, or pigs! Okay?!

1. Talking non-stop

"Yeah, cool, that's fine. It's not like I really wanted to talk anyway. I approached you with the sole intention of listening to you and not speaking at all. Right, go ahead. Just talk. Not like I wanted to speak or anything, anyway."

Hey, I'm not perfect, and I'm not saying that I don't do things that annoy other people, but I still hope that people who have the habit of doing the aforementioned pet peeves would wake up and just STOP. :P

BTW, I'd like to thank Mariaisquixotic and her biggest pet peeves post for this one. :D

What are your pet peeves? I'd love to know! ;)

(Photos/gifs grabbed from all over the internet ;p)


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  1. OMG!!! Numbers 4, 2, 1!!! HAHAHAHA Hate those too!

  2. These made me laugh hard. I scored 5/5 in your peeves. I guess we are both sensitive people that even the smallest things gives us irritant. I know It's not a good way to always have bad vibes in our life, but there are just things that just makes us tick. Hihi. | Spices & Everything Nice

  3. Hahaha #3 though! I did that once when I was super SUPER late, and it did felt uncomfortable. But to be fair, I woke up really late (got home super late from work as well) and had to go on a meeting. Can't risk looking really bad with all the eyebags for an important presentation hahaha -_-